Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Fingers woven together

Pressing upon one another

Intertwined by love

Of past and present

The true essence of beauty

Lying in front of me

But it is me—and her.

Feelings become genuine

Alive and breathing

A fantastical reality

Reading with my eyes

But believing with my soul

And still completely astounded.

But blissful nonetheless

How fate came about

And brought this together

What seemed unattainable

Two separate and independent lives

Unified and absorbed.

Feeling so right—so vital

And yet, so simple

Both where they belong

Hands clasped

Feeling each in unison

Inseparable by belief

Of present and future

A single destiny.

Don't be hasty to let your mind be swallowed, though. I did, and none of this is true anymore. There never was, and never will be a single destiny. Not this one at least. Be wary, people of planet earth; people are not as selfless as you would hope and dream.

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